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Staff Responsibilities and Contact Information

Carla Solomon ( or 858-534-3623) is Director of the Office of Academic Recruitment Services.  She assists faculty search committees in using best-practice stragegies to develop large, well-qualified, diverse applicant pools for faculty recruitments, and helps to clarify the University’s responsibilities for compliance with federal and state regulations.  She also develops the Academic Personnel Affirmative Action Plan and provides data reports for federal contractor compliance.She works in close collaboration with the Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Equity.

Sarah Clark ( or 858-246-0490) is responsible for all preliminary work on academic recruitment forms, including electronic Shortlist Reports, and Search Reports. She helps train the UCSD community in the use of two AP On-Line applications, APOL Recruit, and EEO compliance. She also helps develop the Academic Personnel Affirmative Action Plan and  provides data reports to the Associate Vice Chancellors for Faculty Equity and the Director of Academic Recruitment Services

Jennifer Park ( or 858-822-5862) is the director of the Partner Opportunities Program (POP) and the Southern California Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (SoCal HERC).  POP provides assistance and support in the employment search for spouses or partners of ladder-rank faculty candidates and appointees, and of those in senior management positions who hold academic appointments. SoCal HERC supports the efforts of its member institutions in recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty, administrators, and staff through sharing information and resources. In addition, Jennifer also provides diversity resources and supports faculty recruitments in APOL-Recruit.