Diversity and Equal Opportunity Programs


The Office of Academic Recruitment Services (OARS) is committed to academic excellence and diversity within the faculty, staff, and student body and manges several programs to promote academic diversity and equal opportunity at UC San Diego.

Equal Opportunity Programs

  • Academic Job Opportunities

    • All open academic positions can be found at  https://apol-recruit.ucsd.edu/apply. These positions include tenured and tenure-track positions, positions for other teaching faculty (e.g., lecturers), research positions, postdoctoral positions, and more!

  • Academic Personnel Affirmative Action Program

    • OARS is responsible for providing an annual review and update of the UCSD Academic Personnel Affirmative Action Program.  It is a written document of UCSD's good faith efforts and programs for accomplishing federally mandated affirmative action objectives.

  • Faculty Career Development Program

    • OARS is responsible for implementing the Faculty Career Development Program (FCDP), which supports the research or creative activities of junior faculty in order to enhance their progress toward the Associate Professor (tenured) level. The program also recognizes and rewards individuals who have promoted diversity and equal opportunity.

    • The program is open to all Assistant Professors with Academic Senate membership (Ladder-Rank, In Residence, and Clinical X series), without regard to race, religion, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin.  For complete eligibility and application information, please click the link above.

  • Partner Opportunities Program

    • UC San Diego recognizes that decisions about seeking, accepting, and maintaining employment often involve considerations concerning two careers, and that providing assistance in this area can help foster academic diversity.  The Partner Opportunities Program (POP) provides assistance and support in the employment search to spouses or partners of General Campus ladder-rank faculty candidates and appointees, and of those in senior management positions who hold academic appointments.

Other UC San Diego Programs

UCSD's committment to academic diversity and equal opportunity extends far beyond the OARS.  Here are links to some UC San Diego programs that share the common goal of fostering academic diversity and equal opportunity.  Note: These links will open in a new tab.

  • Academic Senate Committee on Diversity and Equity

  • Diversity Opportunities Database

    • Visit the Diversity Opportunities Web pages for news about the innovative ways UCSD faculty are contributing to this important part of the University's mission and for access to a searchable database of volunteer opportunities.
  • Faculty Exellence

    • OARS works in close collaboration with the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and the team of divisional Faculty Equity Advisors to assist faculty search committees in utilizing best-practice recruitment strategies to develop large, well-qualified, and diverse applicant pools. Faculty Equity Advisors provide advice, collaboration and information to advance faculty diversity and excellence at UCSD
  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography diversity resources

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