Services of the Office of Academic Diversity
And Equal Opportunity

The Office of Academic Diversity and Equal Opportunity (OADEO) ensures that faculty search committees comply with federal, state, and local affirmative action and equal opportunity laws.  It develops Academic Affirmative Action plans, faculty representation reports, and resources to support academic diversity and inclusion.

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Academic Job Opportunities Bulletin

OADEO manages the UCSD Academic Job Opportunities Bulletin and posts all the open academic positions it processes in this bulletin. These positions include tenured and tenure-track positions, positions for other teaching faculty (e.g., lecturers), research positions, postdoctoral positions, and more. 

OADEO also posts these positions on the Southern California Higher Education Recruitment Consortium Web site.

Academic Personnel Affirmative Action Plans

OADEO is responsible for providing an annual review and update of the UCSD Academic Personnel Affirmative Action Program. These documents, generally referred to as Academic Personnel Affirmative Action plans, are available for 2007 through 2012.

Academic Recruitment Information & Forms

OADEO guides departments in their recruitment efforts in order to enhance academic diversity at UCSD.  Toward this end, OADEO monitors academic recruitments by reviewing and analyzing the departmental reports that document the progress of searches, and it provides the following guidelines and information resources:

Best practices for recruitments 

Job posting resources

Open recruitment action checklist

Open recruitment process for ladder-rank faculty

I.  Develop recruiting plan and outreach efforts

II.  Carry out recruiting plan and outreach efforts

III.  Screening and selection process

IV.  Selection of final candidate(s)

Recruitment procedures, forms, and resources

Recruitment procedures to implement PPM 230-6

Diversity Information and Resources

OADEO is responsible for providing the following annual reports and data related to academic diversity and equal opportunity at UCSD:

  • Additional resources:

Diversity policies and guidelines (campus, state, federal, and other)

Diversity reports

Scripps Institution of Oceanography diversity resources:

SIO Diversity Web site

SIO GDAWG (Grassroots Diversity Action Working Group)

SIO Women and Minorities in Science Group

Diversity Opportunities Database

Visit the Diversity Opportunities Web pages for news about the innovative ways UCSD faculty are contributing to this important part of the University's mission and for access to a searchable database of volunteer opportunities.

e-Recruitment Plan and Recruit Training

ADEO provides user training for two components of Academic Personnel On-Line, a UCSD business system for completing academic personnel processes.   The components are e-Recruitment Plan (an electronic system for processing open recruitment plans) and Recruit (an electronic job application system for academics). 

Training in the use of e-RP and Recruit is now available through on-site sessions conducted specifically for the academic personnel staff in individual departments.  Instruction in recruitment policies and use of academic recruitment forms is also included in these sessions.

Enrollment is available through the UC Learning Center. (UCSD Single Sign-On is required; select "Browse Catalog," then choose "Academic Personnel" under "Academic Policy and Practices.")


Dates available

Time (approximate)


October 15,  2013

 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Reserve through the UC Learning Center 

May 15, 2014

 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Reserve through the UC Learning Center 


Links to applications

You must be registered for Single Sign-On and have an assigned role in order  to access the applications.  (For explanations, please see User Information for AP On-Line.)

e-Recruitment Plan


Help manuals for applications

Users can download and print the help manuals:

         e-RP Help Manual

         Recruit Help Manual

Faculty Career Development Program

OADEO is responsible for implementing the Faculty Career Development Program (FCDP), which supports the research or creative activities of junior faculty in order to enhance their progress toward the Associate Professor (tenured) level. The program also recognizes and rewards individuals who have promoted diversity and equal opportunity.

The program is open to all Assistant Professors with Academic Senate membership (Ladder-Rank, In Residence, and Clinical X series), without regard to race, religion, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin.

For complete eligibility and application information, please click the link above.

Faculty Equity

OADEO works in close collaboration with Jeanne Ferrante, Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Equity, and the team of divisional Faculty Equity Advisors to assist faculty search committees in utilizing best-practice recruitment strategies to develop large, well-qualified, and diverse applicant pools.

Faculty Equity Advisors provide advice, collaboration and information to advance faculty diversity and excellence at UCSD

  • Meet with search committees/chairs early to discuss issues and plans, such as evaluation of contributions to diversity, integrating contributions to diversity into the recruit process, information about implicit bias in evaluation, and proactive activities to increase applicant pool diversity.
  • Work with the dean, department chairs, and search committees to implement and develop best practices in recruitment.
  • Review departmental recruitment forms, including advertisements, outreach plans, Recruit Interim Reports, and Selection statements. If you have concerns, communicate directly with the search chair and department chair.  If unresolved, consult AVC-FE Ferrante and/or your dean.
  • Distribute information relevant to recruitment. 
  • Offer to meet with faculty candidates and assist in partner hiring opportunities.

OADEO also assists and advises the Academic Senate Committee on Diversity and Equity.

Partner Opportunities Program

UC San Diego recognizes that decisions about seeking, accepting, and maintaining employment often involve considerations concerning two careers, and that providing assistance in this area can help foster academic diversity.  OADEO’s  Partner Opportunities Program (POP) provides assistance and support in the employment search to spouses or partners of General Campus ladder-rank faculty candidates and appointees, and of those in senior management positions who hold academic appointments.

Staff Responsibilities and Contact Information

Jennifer Park ( or 858-822-5862) is the director of the Partner Opportunities Program (POP) and the Southern California Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (SoCalHERC).  POP provides assistance and support in the employment search for spouses or partners of ladder-rank faculty candidates and appointees, and of those in senior management positions who hold academic appointments.  SoCALHERC supports the efforts of its 28 member institutions in recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty, administrators, and staff through sharing information and resources.  In addition, Jennifer also provides diversity resources and supports the e-Recruitment Plan process for faculty recruitments.

Nathalia Quirk ( or 858-534-4497) is responsible for all preliminary work on academic recruitment forms, including electronic Recruitment Plans, Interim Reports, Selection Reports, and Waivers.  She helps train the UCSD community in the use of two AP On-Line applications, e-Recruitment Plan and Recruit, and offers instruction on the proper use of other forms and on OADEO procedures.  She also implements the annual Faculty Career Development Program and  provides data reports to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Equity and the Director of Academic Diversity and Equal Opportunity. 

Carla Solomon ( or 858-534-3623) is director of the Offfice of Academic Diversity and Equal Opportunity.  She assists faculty search committees in using best-practice stragegies to develop large, well-qualified, diverse applicant pools for faculty recruitments, and helps to clarify the University’s responsibilities for compliance with federal and state regulations.  She works in close collaboration with the Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Equity.