Campus File Deadlines 2016 - 2017

The following dates reflect campus file deadlines. Deans’ offices must forward files subject to campus-level review to Academic Personnel no later than these deadlines in order for actions to be effective July 1. Files received after these deadlines will require an effective date the following July 1.

Departments and deans have established earlier due dates to meet campus review file deadlines. Please contact your department or dean’s office for further guidance.

October 15


November 1

Requests for second consecutive deferral of review

December 1


Advancements within Above Scale

Reappointments/merit actions requiring campus review

Actions for non-salaried appointees requiring campus review

Contested no-change actions

Consecutive no-change actions requiring campus review

January 20

Accelerated merit advancements

Accelerated advancements within Above Scale

New bonus off-scale salary components

New or increased market off-scale salary components (with or without other review actions)

February 17

Promotions (career review)

Advancements to/through Step VI (career review)

Advancements to Above Scale (career review)

Termination decisions

Reconsideration of termination decisions

Initial continuing appointments (Unit 18)

May 2

Completed review actions for which deans have authority (due for post-audit by Academic Personnel)

Academic Advancement and Training