Academic Salaries - General Information

Most academic appointees are paid salaries included on the official campus salary scale. The salary scale indicates the minimum and maximum salaries established for a given academic title or series. It is divided into steps within ranks. The UCSD academic salary scales can be found in PPM 230-40. Salaries that are not on the established salary scale may be considered off-scale, above-scale, or by agreement.

Off-Scale Salaries

The salary for an appointee at a certain rank and step is designated as off-scale if the salary is higher than the published salary at the designated rank and step for the relevant title series. More information regarding the use of off-scale salaries can be found in APM 620.

Above Scale Salaries

Above scale salaries are those which, at full-time, exceed the maximum salary established for a particular series.

By Agreement Salaries

Departments may propose by agreement salaries for appointees in titles that are not represented on the salary scale. Individuals in visiting titles and certain temporary titles are often paid by agreement salaries.

Salary Increases

There are three ways in which an academic appointee may receive an increase in salary.

Range adjustment (see APM - 610). Scales are adjusted for general salary increases approved as part of the state budget. Range adjustments may occur at any time, depending on the state budget. If you need to make salary projections, which include anticipated range adjustments, for contract and grant submission, visit the Office of Contracts and Grants' long-range salary projections website.

Merit increase (see APM - 615). Merit increases are awarded to individuals for achievements in teaching, research, and service to the University. Salary-only increases (see off-scale salaries) may also be awarded to individuals for such achievements when a full increase in step is not justified or if the individual is above-scale.

Promotion (see section relating to the appropriate title or title series in APM Section II, Appointment and Promotion). Promotions are awarded to individuals for achievements in teaching, research, and service to the University.