Faculty Administrator Policies

Faculty Administrators have administrative duties in addition to, or in partial replacement of, their faculty responsibilities. The following Academic Personnel Manual policies apply to Faculty Administrators:

APM 240 - Deans
Applicable to the deans of academic divisions and schools at UCSD.

APM 241 - Faculty Administrators (positions less than 100% time)

Applicable to department chairs, ORU/MRU directors, and select other titles at UCSD.

APM 246: Faculty Administrators (100% time)
Applicable to associate vice chancellors, college provosts, directors of major initiatives (e.g., Calit2 and the Supercomputer Center), and certain other titles at UCSD.

Administrative service is expected to be recognized and rewarded, as appropriate, through the academic review process. Only significant administrative service is eligible for cash compensation (e.g., stipend and/or summer salary). No individual may be provided a stipend or summer salary for administrative service without prior approval of the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

The Academic Compensation and Data Reporting office oversees the Faculty Administrator Program at UCSD.