Additional Compensation for Faculty Consulting on University Projects

UCSD Supplement to APM-664


A UCSD faculty member is permitted, on occasion, to receive additional compensation for serving as a consultant on projects conducted under the auspices of the University if all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The faculty member is not regularly engaged on the project, and
  2. The contract or grant allows such compensation for consultants, and
  3. Necessary pre-approvals (as outlined below) have been obtained prior to the consulting activities.

Pre-Approval Requirements

  1. Federal grantor agency approval must be obtained in writing prior to any intra-university consulting activity involving federal funds.
  2. The Chancellor of the faculty member’s home campus must pre-approve the consulting arrangement.
  3. The Chancellor, Laboratory Director, or equivalent official of the host campus must pre-approve the negotiated consultant rate.

Compensation Limit

Faculty consultants are paid at a negotiated rate. The maximum amount per day which is permitted is the daily rate plus an additional 30 percent which may be paid in consideration of the fact that there are no benefits for such services.

  • Academic-year daily rate = faculty member’s regular annual divided by 171.
  • Fiscal-year daily rate = faculty member’s regular annual salary divided by 236.

Local Procedures

When UCSD is the faculty member’s home campus:

  1. Host campus submits a completed Temporary Intercampus Appointment (TIA) or One-Time Payment (OTP) form, whichever is appropriate.
  2. TIA/OTP form is sent to the cognizant Dean for review and approval.
  3. Dean signs the form and submits it to the UCSD Academic Compensation office.
  4. Academic Compensation verifies the daily rate, obtains the Senior Vice Chancellor’s endorsement, and routes the signature item to the Chancellor for final approval.
  5. Academic Compensation sends the approved TIA/OTP form to Payroll for payment issuance.

When UCSD is the host campus:

  1. Department determines need for a faculty consultant, identifies an appropriate faculty member, and contacts the faculty member’s home campus/department for pertinent information (title, rank, step, annual salary, appointment dates)
  2. Department verifies that the contract or grant allows compensation to faculty consultants and, If using a federal fund, department submits a request to the Federal grantor to obtain pre-approval of the consulting arrangement
  3. Department submits a completed TIA/OTP form to the cognizant Dean’s office.
  4. Dean signs the form and submits it to the UCSD Academic Compensation office.
  5. Academic Compensation reviews the TIA/OTP and then obtains the Chancellor’s approval of the consulting rate.
  6. Academic Compensation routes the approved TIA/OTP form to the home campus for final approval and payment.

Note: For faculty providing consulting services to Los Alamos National Security, LLC (LANS) and/or Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC (LLNS), the ROS Compensation Rate Approval Form for UC Faculty Providing Services to LANS/LLNS must be completed.

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