General Campus Compensation Plan Trial

Implementation Guidelines

To ensure a successful trial program, UCSD will adhere to the UCSD General Campus Compensation Plan Executive Summary and UCSD Implementation Guidelines that were approved by the UC Office of the President. The Executive Summary is an overview of the plan. The Implementation Guidelines provide guidance on eligibility, external funding, salary components, restrictions, roles and responsibilities, and the approval process.

As approval of the trial program was received later than anticipated, the implementation schedule will be accelerated for the 2013/2014 plan year. Please consult your divisional dean’s office for submission deadlines.


The General Campus Compensation Plan Trial has been approved for an initial five-year period, 2013/2014 through 2017/2018. If the trial is successful, it is likely that the plan will continue and be expanded to other UC campuses in the future. To determine program feasibility and effectiveness, a number of metrics will be gathered each year and provided to the Executive Vice Chancellor, Academic Senate Council, CAP, Deans and Department Chairs by November 1. Metrics will also be shared with the UC Office of the President.

Kelly Maheu, Director of Academic Compensation and Data Reporting, will collect the required data at the conclusion of each plan year, during the period August 1 – September 30. Departments, divisions, and central offices within Academic Affairs will all play a critical role in this effort. Faculty will also be expected to provide feedback via a participant survey.

The UC Office of the President will conduct a comprehensive review in year three of the trial to determine if the program should continue indefinitely, be extended for another trial period, or be terminated.

Request Form and Salary Worksheet

For eligible faculty in participating departments, both the Request Form and Salary Worksheet must be completed. Once the Department Chair has verified, the document will be routed to the Dean for endorsement. Actual signatures are required at both the department and divisional level. A pdf of the signed form will be sent to the Academic Compensation Office for analysis, routing to CAP, and final action by the Executive Vice Chancellor.

If you need assistance with the Salary Worksheet, please contact Adam DiProfio, Director of Finance and Budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As the General Campus Compensation Plan is a new concept for general campus faculty and staff, a list of Frequently Asked Questions has been developed to assist with training and implementation. If you have a general question that is not on the FAQ, please contact Director of Academic Compensation and Data Reporting.

DOS and Title Codes

The salary components under the General Campus Compensation Plan (GCCP) must be properly coded to ensure the appropriate amount of UCRP covered compensation is recorded as well as agency salary caps, salary cap gaps, etc. A subset of the Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP) DOS codes, already programmed to track these salary components, will be utilized. To distinguish participants of the GCCP from the HSCP, existing general campus title codes will be used for GCCP participants. (See DOS and Title Code list)

Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) Examples

PPS entries for participants in the General Campus Compensation Plan (GCCP) differ significantly from what general campus staff are accustom to entering. The approved GCCP salary worksheet should be used as a guide for processing the PPS entry. A sample worksheet and PPS screen shots have been developed to assist departmental staff with GCCP PPS entries. Additional examples can be found in the GCCP PPS Training PowerPoint slides. If you need further assistance, please call (822-3748) or email Mary Baran in Academic Compensation.