An honorarium is a payment made to an individual for participation in a University sponsored lecture, seminar, concert or other creative work.

Amount Limits

Honoraria for non-UC employees being charged to 19900A funds are limited to $250.00 per event per day.

Honoraria being charged to non-19900A funds have no firm limit, but amounts should be reasonable.

Note: Honoraria for UC faculty may not be charged to state funds, per APM 666-22.

Payment to Employees

Employees of the University, if eligible, should not be paid honoraria via Disbursements but rather via the Payroll process.

Full-time academic employees of UCSD are not generally eligible for honoraria payments.

Employees of other UC campuses are eligible, but should be paid via the intercampus payment process.

Payments for periods of greater than two weeks should be reviewed carefully. Generally periods of greater than two weeks should be handled via the payroll process.

Review of Payments

Review of standard non-UC employees' honoraria payments is the responsibility of the Disbursements Division. Exceptions will be reviewed by the Academic Personnel Office prior to approval. Exceptional requests should be brought to the attention of Kelly Maheu of the Academic Personnel Office. She is available via email at kmaheu@ucsd.edu or at extension 23509.

Payment Implementation

Honoraria payments for non-UC employees should be made via the online Payment Authorization (PayAuth) Process. Payment Authorization Training is offered through Staff Education and Development. For those departments not yet using the online system, honoraria payments may be made via the Payment Request form (FO2017). Instructions for completing the form can be found on the Disbursements web site.