Payroll Training and Assistance

Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) Update training is offered as a collaborative effort between the Payroll Office, Human Resources, Academic Personnel, Office of Graduate Studies and Research, and the Job Opportunities Program.

As part of the PPS Update curriculum, the Academic Personnel Office conducts a Policy Workshop as well as a Procedures and Activities Session specific to academic appointees. You may download the Academic Personnel/PPS Update Manual [PDF].

Directions for selected payroll actions have been prepared as a supplement to the PPS User's Guide. These examples are specific to academic appointees and represent the most common academic payroll actions entered into PPS. The examples included written instructions, helpful hints, and actual screen shots to show how the final action should appear in PPS.

Questions pertaining to the academic portion of PPS Update training or those related to entering academic actions in PPS may be directed to Mary Baran at extension 23748 or via email at


Academic Compensation and Data Reporting