Province of Academic Employee Relations

The Office of Academic Employee Relations provides proactive problem solving for departments and divisions in situations involving issues of faculty conduct, performance, and complaints about discrimination or unfair treatment. This office serves all academic employees in the resolution of their concerns.

Academic Employee Relations is the office of record for academic employee cases, even if a case is ultimately referred to another office for investigation and management.

Deans, chairs, provosts, and other administrators should contact the director of Academic Employee Relations, Amy Rosen (Ext. 22041 or, as soon as they determine that there is an intricate issue involving an academic employee.

The director provides the following services:

Advises on faculty discipline cases and investigations of wrongdoing

  • Advises departments and divisions to ensure proper initial fact-finding and analysis.
  • Researches policies and past practices in order to suggest options and problem-solve with administrators.
  • Works closely with administrators to provide ongoing guidance in the management of complex or disciplinary cases.
  • Ensures proper follow-up with offices and individuals if an investigation is conducted.
  • Explains administrators' responsibility for compliance with University and external regulations.
  • Clarifies procedures and policies and assists in drafting documents to reach an agreement or reasoned decision.
  • Consults with the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel to attain solutions.

Facilitates informal mediation and negotiations with the EVC

  • Facilitates informal resolution of problems whenever possible to avoid the continuing consequences of complaints or grievances.
  • Attends informal resolution meetings with the EVC if complaints are not resolved at an earlier stage.

Partners with other campus offices on investigative and disciplinary cases

  • Suggests other offices to help with cases if necessary, including external institutions and agencies.
  • Coordinates efforts of these offices and ensures proper follow-up.

Manages responses to external and internal requests for information

  • Responds to requests from external agencies or legal representatives for information regarding current or former academic employees, including requests to examine an individual's academic record.
  • Reviews authorizations for release of information.
  • Reviews academic records to identify confidential materials.
  • Works in person with external agents or investigators to comply with requests for information.

Responds to charges filed with state and federal agencies

  • Works with UCSD's outside attorneys to respond to legal documents or questions about an academic employee's record at UCSD.
  • Carefully reviews department/division documents.
  • Works with UCSD Information Practices Coordinator to respond to subpoenas and related requests for information from external agencies or individuals.

Develops policies and training for academic grievances, layoffs, & misconduct

  • Works with the Director of Academic Policy Development to review, update, and develop academic personnel policies.
  • Teaches "Introduction of Academic Employee Relations" course to train AP contacts at the department and division level in the administration of academic personnel policies.
  • Trains Health Sciences AP contacts and business officers in the management of misconduct, grievances, and layoffs.