Photo by Erik Jepsen, UC San Diego Publications.

Academic family accommodation policies and programs

Welcome! The University of California and UC San Diego are committed to helping academic appointees balance the needs of career and family. We invite academic appointees to use all policies and programs for which they are eligible. 

Major strides have been made in recent years to be inclusive of diverse academic families. Check out what's available:

Family accommodation policies provide work accommodations during pregnancy, childbearing leave, parental bonding leave, periods of active service with modified duties, family leave without pay, extensions of the probationary period for assistant-level appointees, deferral of merit reviews, and periods of flexible workload for ladder-rank faculty. See the UC San Diego Policy and Procedure Manual, Section 230-15 (Family Accommodations Policy), for specific eligibility requirements. UC San Diego's family accommodations policies meet or exceed Family and Medical Leave Act and California Family Rights Act requirements. 

Family-friendly and work/life programs and services include campus resource centers, employment assistance for spouses and partners of general campus ladder-rank faculty, child care locations, summer camps, year-round recreation and campus fitness programs, confidential counseling, eldercare groups and support, a campus lactation accommodation program, and more.

UC San Diego also offers an extensive benefits program in support of its employees and their families.

For advice regarding your individual situation, contact your department’s academic personnel representative.

Use of family accommodation benefits is reported or requested (depending on the benefit) on the UC San Diego Family Accommodations Reporting (FAR) forms:

UC San Diego Family Accommodations Reporting (FAR) form
UC San Diego Family Accommodations Reporting (FAR) form – School of Medicine