Services of Academic Information Systems
and Data Management

Academic Information Systems and Data Management is responsible for the ongoing development, testing, implementation, and maintenance of Academic Personnel On-Line Review, the Web portal for completing academic personnel business processes at UCSD.

This office also oversees academic personnel data resources at UCSD and works closely with other Academic Personnel Services units to ensure consistent and cohesive delivery of shared information. Academic personnel data is collected via APS staff input into an internal APS database and via AP On-Line Recruit and Review.

Click here for general information about the AP On-Line services (e-Recruitment Plan, Recruit, and Review), or to log on to these services.

AP On-Line: Security and access

To use the AP On-Line suite of services, academics and staff must be registered for Single Sign-On, UCSD’s gatekeeper system for campus business systems. They must also be assigned a role and scope (department code) in each of the AP On-Line services they wish to use. This will determine what materials they can see and what actions they can take. The Department Security Administrator (DSA) in the user’s home department makes such assignments.

Detailed information about the roles available in e-Recruitment Plan, Recruit, and Review is provided on the AP On-Line Information for Users Web page.

Data resources: File tracking screens in AP On-Line Review

There are two screens in AP On-Line Review that let users easily see where each file is in the review process.

The File Tracking screen lets users see all file review steps that have been completed or are pending.  These steps (e.g., File Created, File Prep, Dept Review Cert pending, Dept Review Cert signed) are listed in reverse chronological order, with the date and time each step was completed or became  pending.

The Certs and Notifs Tracking screen shows a list of notifications that have been sent to various roles (e.g., notifications asking review candidates to sign certifications), along with the date and time each was sent. This screen also shows which certifications have been signed and which still have signatures pending.

These screens help make the review process more transparent to both academics and staff.