Services of Academic Policy Development

The Office of Academic Policy Development manages the development, revision, analysis, and implementation of UCSD's academic personnel policies and procedures to carry out the vision of the University's academic leadership, to increase efficiency and compliance, and to limit institutional liability.  Kelly Lindlar, director of Academic Policy Development, may be contacted at (858) 822-4564 or

Director's responsibilities

The director of Academic Policy Development provides the following services:

  • Develops local academic personnel policies on behalf of the EVC and campus constituents; revises existing academic personnel policies as needed.
  • Oversees the consultation process for the development of academic personnel policies, including informal and formal campuswide review and consultation with UCSD's Academic Senate, the Committee on Academic Personnel, divisional deans, department chairs, and other members of the campus community.
  • Acts as the campus liaison with Office of the President for systemwide policy reviews, and as the campus representative for systemwide committees established to review and/or develop new academic personnel policies.
  • Advises divisional deans, department chairs, and academic personnel staff on complex policy interpretation issues and ensures that faculty and staff are aware of pertinent policies.
  • Develops and delivers campuswide education concerning policy additions and updates.
  • Maintains records related to policy development.

PPM policies under review

APM policies under review

New and recently revised policies

Associate Vice Chancellor Tammy Wall has announced the publication new PPM sections affecting the appointment and advancement of academic appointees, effective July 1, 2017.

The content of PPM Sections 230-20 - Academic Appointments, PPM 230-28 - Academic Advancements and Reappointments, and PPM 230-29 - Policies and Procedures to Ensure Fairness in the Academic Personnel Review has been moved to the newly created polices; PPM 230-20, PPM 230-28, and PPM 230-29 have been rescinded, effective retroactive to July 1, 2017.

The new policies are available here:

Introduction to PPM 230 - Academic Personnel

Updates have been made to make the PPM more straightforward, to provide local academic appointment and advancement policies consistent with the system-wide Academic Personnel Manual (APM), and to reorganize the content of former PPM 230-20, PPM 230-28 and PPM 230-29 to adopt the structure of the APM. New PPM policies and procedures are numbered to correspond to the associated APM section. (For example, PPM 230-220, Professor Series, relates to matters subject to APM 220, Professor Series.) In addition, duplicative language (policy language which previously appeared in both the PPM the APM) has been removed from the new PPM Sections.

A detailed summary of the revisions, including a complete listing of the new PPM sections is available here:

Summary of Revisions 

For reference, below are links to supporting documentation that provides a clear, comprehensive visual representation of the disposition of PPM 230-20, PPM 230-28, and PPM 230-29:

Disposition of PPM 230-20

Disposition of PPM 230-28

Disposition of PPM 230-29

If you have any questions concerning the new sections of PPM 230 or the rescission of PPM 230-20, PPM 230-28 and PPM 230-29, please contact Kelly Lindlar, director of Academic Policy Development, at or Ext. x24564.

Academic personnel policies listed by topic

Click here for academic personnel policies listed in alphabetical order by topic.

Recent delegations of authority

Delegation of Authority for Appointments at the Assistant Step III Level

Following consultation with the Academic Senate Committee on Academic Personnel, effective October 1,2016, IEVC Cowhey delegated to Divisional Deans the authority to approve all appointments at the Assistant Step III level in the following series:

Professor (Ladder-Rank)
Professor in Residence
Professor of Clinical X
Adjunct Professor
Research Scientist

For further information, please contact Kelly Lindlar, director of Academic Policy Development, at Ext. 24564 or