Triton Affiliations and Partners Program (TAPP)

The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) announced in Fall 2009 the Triton Affiliations and Partners Program (TAPP), which provides access to a Petascale Data Access Facility (PDAF) and the Triton Compute Cluster, as described in the below announcement from Summer of 2009:

To facilitate use of the TAPP and to provide researchers with access to this valuable resource in these difficult budgetary times, the campus will make access to the TAPP free for campus researchers up to a limit that has been pre-paid by the campus's administration. Researchers interested in using TAPP may apply to the office of Associate Vice Chancellor Suresh Subramani ( for allocation of free usage time on TAPP. All requests must be submitted through authorized Principal Investigators, and their affiliation(s) (General Campus, School of Medicine, Scripps Institution of Oceanography) should be provided. The application form can be accessed at:

TAPP Winter 2010 Application

A committee comprised of Professors Terry Gaasterland, Michael Holst, and Trey Ideker will make recommendations on the allocation of these resources to AVC Subramani and me.

One round of awards was made in October of 2009, in which approximately 50% of the total available allocation was made. In this round, the remaining allocation will be distributed with priority given to new users. The total allocation available for distribution in this round is 1.45 million SU. No single researcher will be allocated more than 10% of this total.

The deadline for submission of requests is January 31, 2010.

Arthur B. Ellis
Vice Chancellor for Research