Academic Affairs

ASMD reporting - no acknowledgment letter sent (1/15/13)


If a department submits a Family Accommodation Reporting (FAR) form on behalf of an academic appointee who has requested a period of Active Service with Modified Duties (ASMD), the data regarding the ASMD is simply recorded by Academic Personnel Services upon retrieval of the form from the SharePoint portal.  Academics no longer receive letters acknowledging receipt of the FAR form.

However, if an academic requests an extension of the probationary period and/or a deferral of academic review in conjunction with a period of ASMD, the academic will receive a letter from the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs acknowledging the request and outlining the details of the extension and/or deferral. 

For those at the Assistant rank who have not started the sixth-year review process, a one-year extension of the probationary period will occur automatically when childbearing or parental leave is requested, unless the academic chooses (via the FAR form) to opt out of this extension.



Academic Affairs