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Recruitments - new forms and instructions available (11/1/12)


In order to streamline the recruitment process, Academic Diversity and Equal Opportunity  (ADEO) has revised both the Recruitment Interim Report form and the Recruitment Selection Report form and has provided step-by-step instructions for filling out and submitting these forms and related materials.  The new forms and instructions are now available on the Procedures, Forms, and Resources for Faculty  Recruitment Web page.  Please discard other versions of these report forms and start using the new forms immediately.

The new forms are more intuitive and will help you to efficiently and accurately submit all required information.  The new Interim Report form eliminates the need for a separate Diversity Evaluation Criteria and Process Statement, and the new Selection Report form eliminates the need for a separate Search Chair Selection Statement.

The forms and instructions should reduce or even eliminate follow-up phone calls from ADEO to obtain missing information, and they will help ADEO to review and endorse each report more quickly.

Please bear in mind that ADEO processes a large volume of plans, reports, waivers, and other materials every year. For example, last year ADEO processed 187 recruitment plans, 46 interim reports, 167 selection reports, 195 waiver requests, and 19 applications for Faculty Career Development Program awards.  For this reason, you should plan to allow two weeks for ADEO to process your reports after your materials are received.


Academic Affairs