Academic Affairs

Distinguished Professor - use of title (11/8/04)


Following broad campus consultation and endorsement by the Academic Senate, the title "Distinguished Professor" has been established for faculty in the professorial series who have achieved the highest level of scholarship.

Because the criteria for this professorship are the same as those for advancement to Above Scale, this title will be conferred on all Senate faculty  in the professorial series at the time they advance to Above Scale.

Faculty who hold this title at the time they retire from UCSD will be eligible to use the title "Distinguished Professor, emeritus/emerita."

Distinguished Professor is an honorary title without a title code.  Therefore, it cannot be used on contract and grant applications, since these are legal documents that require an official title (i.e., one with a title code).  However, the title can be included in the "Honors/Awards" section of CVs and the UCSD Biography and Bibliography form, as well as in correspondence.

In addition to honoring our most accomplished faculty, establishment of the Distinguished Professor title should help to clarify the meaning of Above Scale status for external reviewers asked to comment on the achievements of such faculty.

Academic Affairs