Academic Affairs

Recruitment plans - electronic submission required (6/10/10)


All recruitment plans must be submitted via e-Recruitment Plan (e-RP), which is part of the Academic Personnel On-Line suite of services.  e-RP allows electronic submission, routing, and approval of recruitment plans.

Department AP staff can list outreach efforts for advertising the open position, identify search committee members, and draft a job announcement within e-RP.  The system then automatically routes the recruitment plan from the department staff (Originator) to the department chair (Unit Approver), to the Office of Academic Diversity and Equal Opportunity (Endorser), to the dean's staff (Reviewer), and to the dean (Final Approver).  All participants are notified via e-mail once the dean has approved the recruitment plan.

Access to e-RP is via Single Sign-On and requires a user ID ande password.  Contact your business officer or Department Security Administrator (DSA) if you need further information about obtaining access to e-RP.

Academic Affairs