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Votes - determining whether quorum has been met (11/14/11)


Academic Personnel Services is often asked, "How should 'eligible to vote and in residence' be interpreted in determining whether a quorum as been met?"

In order for an action to be moved forward by the department, it must be supported by at least 50% of the departmental faculty "eligible to vote and in residence on campus in the quarter when the vote is taken" (PPM 230-20.V.F.).

Faculty who are on approved leaves and are away from campus are not counted for the purpose of determining the 50% minimum.  Similarly, faculty members who have abstained due to a coflict or for administrative reasons (e.g., because they will serve as reviewers later in the process) are not counted for this purpose.

Those who are in residence but choose not to participate in the review or cast a vote are counted in the total number of eligible faculty for the purpose of determining the 50% minimum.  For this reason, it is important that departments indicate on the Summary form how many absences are due to approved leaves and how many abstentions are for administrative reasons.

Academic Affairs