Academic Affairs

Recruitments - adherence to open recruitment requirements (4/2/12)


The Office of Academic Diversity and Equal Opportunity wishes to remind departments' and deans' AP staff about the need for strict adherence to the University's open recruitment requirements.

Open recruitments are required for all ladder-rank faculty positions, regardless of the percentage of time of the appointment.

For other academic series, an open recruitment is required if the appointment exceeds 50% time AND the appointment (or a series of appointments) lasts longer than a cumulative total of two quarters (9-month salary scale) or six months (11-month salary scale).  Note that all time worked at UCSD is counted toward this cumulative total.  An open recruitment is not required for an appointment at 50% time or less, or if the appointment exceeds 50% time for a total of no more than two quarters/six months and then returns to and remains at 50% or less.

Departments should be mindful of these requirements when proposing appointments, and deans' offices should notify OADEO if an open recruitment becomes necessary.

Academic Affairs