Budget and Financial Management

The Budget and Financial Unit is responsible for managing the Academic Affairs operating budget which includes the allocation of permanent and temporary funds from a variety of funding sources. In addition, this unit oversees budget planning and allocation processes including those associated with the Program Review Committee (PRC) and its various subcommittees.

Annual Resource Allocations

Financial Management

  • Net Operating Report
  • Available Tools - Links to Financial Link, Budget Link, Resource Profiles
  • Control Tracker and Internal Controls
  • Cash Handling
  • Overdraft Policies - Link to Overdraft Profiles
  • Fiscal Closing 2014-2015
  • Transactions - Link to Blink
  • ASSA Tax
  • Contract and Grants
  • Gifts vs Grants
  • Gifts
  • Conference Funds
  • Service Agreements
  • Fund Manager Best Practices

Academic Salaries and Resources

  • Startup and Retention Funds
  • Faculty Housing Options
  • APS Link to policies and
  • Released Faculty Salaries
  • Vouchers
  • General Campus Compensation Plan Trial (GCCP)  + [Dept Contingency Fund?]
  • Chair Ninths
  • Endowed Chairs
  • Summer Salary
  • Honoraria
  • Academic Personnel Services Website
  • Pathways to Retirement - Add?

Faculty Award Programs and Other Instructional Programs

  • Chancellor's Associates Faculty Excellence Awards
  • Faculty Career Development Program (FCDP)
  • Hellman Fellows Program
  • Non-Senate Faculty Professional Development Program
  • Course Development and Instructional Improvement Program
  • Regents' Lecturer Program?
  • Undergraduate Seminars
  • Summer Graduate Teaching Mentors
  • Coursera?
  • ILTI?

Graduate Students Support

  • GSR Child care reimbursements
  • Block Grant
  • Stipend vs. Salary

Self Supporting Activities

  • Overview of Self Supporting Activities
  • Link to Recharge Section on Blink
  • Academic Affairs review process 

New Initiatives

  • UC Path
  • ESR