Capped Majors

In 2015, the Jacobs School of Engineering Office of Engineering Computing (JSOE OEC) developed the Continuing Students web application. Available only to departments within JSOE, this was a predecessor to the Capped Majors web application.


In the past, departments have vetted applications to capped majors manually. This involved pulling and confirming student information and records from several different sources, comparing the student records to the various departmental requirements for entrance into a capped or controlled major and making a decision on acceptance/denial. The advisors then had to notify the student and the student had to accept or decline.

This new application will automatically pull students’ records from multiple sources and, in some cases upon sign-in, let the student know if s/he is even eligible to apply to the major. If the student is eligible, the Capped Majors web application will vet student applications to the major thoroughly and notify the department advisor of students who receive acceptance/ denial.