Departmental/Divisional application for the Office for Students with Disabilities (D-OSD)

The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) assists undergraduate, graduate and professional school students at UC San Diego to review medical documentation and, through the interactive process with the student, determine reasonable academic and non-academic accommodations.

OSD works closely with faculty and departments, to gain a clear understanding of the objectives of the class or lab to insure that potential accommodations will not fundamentally alter or modify the nature of the academic environment.

The D-OSD application was originally developed by Division of Biological Sciences Computer Services to address an increase in the number & complexity of accommodation requests.


This is now a new application to help all OSD liaisons facilitate arrangement of student accommodations. The team worked with OSD liaisons to identify inefficiencies and risks of the OSD liaison process. This resulted in a collaboration of multiple departments division on developing a multi-faceted solution that will be shared campus-wide.