Who Is Involved

Main Workgroup

This group is made up of key stakeholders that act as subject matter experts. They provide specifications through user stories, help give input as to priority of project requirements, and assist with testing. 

Division of Arts & Humanities
Alyssa Simons, Literature

Undergraduate Colleges
Hanna Tawater, Warren Writing Program

Division of Biological Sciences
Dana Brehm, Cara Esgro

Jacobs School of Engineering
Veronica Abreu, Computer Science & Engineering 

Division of Physical Sciences 
Selaina Mansheim, Chem/Biochem 

Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Tim De Bold

Summer Session  
Renee Lee 

Rady School of Management/Grad Division  

Division of Social Sciences

Office of the Registrar
Kimberley Newmark

Summer Session Workgroup

Renee Lee, Summer Session

Lisa Bargabus, Summer Session

Matthew Sapien, Summer Session 

Development Team

EVC's Office

Stephen Hamilton, Developer

Ahren Crickard, Portfolio Manager

Division of Biological Sciences

Jude Poole, Director of Computer Services

Katie Frehafer, Technical Project Manager

Duke Lee, Back End Engineer

Cameron Hom, Front End Engineer

Victor Vazquez, Front & Back End Engineer