Faculty Recruitment Allowance Program (FRAP)

Faculty recruitment allowances assist newly recruited full-time Academic Senate Faculty in meeting individual housing needs. At UC San Diego the FRA provides a cash payment to assist with the down payment requirement for purchasing a home in San Diego County.

Program Eligibility 

  • General Campus Ladder Rank Faculty who are eligible to participate in the Faculty Recruitment Allowance Program will be notified in their offer letter at the time of recruitment.
  • Eligibility period:
    • According to the governing policy, faculty recruitment allowances are to be disbursed within the first two (2) years of the appointment start date
    • An initial disbursement made after the initial eligibility period requires the approval of the Executive Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs
  • The program is governed by campus policies and Academic Personnel Manual (APM) Policy 190.

Withholding and Tax Implications

Faculty recruitment allowances are considered taxable income. Payments made via payroll will be taxed at the applicable rates indicated by the appointee's W-4 form if the payment is made on the monthly pay cycle (1st of the month) and may be impacted by retirement withholdings if you participate in those programs. If the payment is not made on the monthly pay cycle, taxes will be withheld at 22% federal and 6.6% state rates. Regardless of the timing of the payment, FICA taxes will be deducted at the standard rate of 7.65%.

Faculty are encouraged to contact Paul Rodriguez in the campus Payroll Office for questions about withholdings and taxes (prodriguez@ucsd.edu or 858-534-3241) and to give their department business office advance notice when requesting the payment.

UC San Diego Eligibility Requirements

  • UC San Diego Academic Affairs' policy is more restrictive than the Office of President Policy in that faculty members who have been offered a faculty recruitment allowance may only request payment once they are in escrow for the purchase of a home.
  • Participation in the program will be indicated in the faculty member's offer letter at the time of recruitment.

FRA Payment Procedures

  • When requesting payment, faculty need to provide their department with a copy of the First Page of their escrow agreement.
  • The department will contact the Academic Personnel Office to request authorization for payment.
  • The Academic Personnel Office will provide the faculty member's department with directions for payment.
  • Payments to faculty are processed through the campus payroll system (PPS). The FRA payment may be received through your direct deposit if the payment is paid out on your regular pay cycle or you may receive the payment via a paper check. Your department can provide more information on how you will receive the FRA payment.
  • Health Sciences Faculty - please contact Ruth Sinclair (rlbsinclair@ucsd.edu) for payment requests and questions.

Faculty recruitment allowances are not considered covered compensation for purposes of the University's retirement or employee benefit plans.