Mortgage Origination Program (MOP)

The UC Office of Loan Programs in the Office of the President manages the Mortgage Origination Program. MOP provides first deed of trust loans with a one-year adjustable rate based upon an internal University index.

Nomination to participate in MOP is stated in your final and approved appointment letter at the time of recruitment; meeting MOP and UC San Diego program criteria and a loan pre-approval application are required to participate in MOP.

  • Faculty who are nominated to use MOP must hold a 100% Academic Senate Ladder Rank Faculty appointment.
  • A Loan Pre-Approval Application is required to obtain a loan and pre-approval is required before entering into a contract.
  • MOP is available One Time for the purchase of your First Home in San Diego County.
  • The MOP property must be the principal place of residence for the term of the loan.
  • All borrowers must have a valid U.S. Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • All borrowers must meet UC Home Loan Program U.S. Residency Requirements.
    • Visa Holders
      • Eligibility to participate in MOP on certain visa statuses may be delayed. 
      • Please consult with the campus Home Loan Coordinator for further information.

Academic Affairs and General Campus Academic Senate Faculty - please contact Marie Sidney

Health Sciences Academic Senate Faculty - please contact Ruth Sinclair

How to Get Started  

  • MEET with the campus MOP Home Loan Coordinator (by telephone or in-person) to learn about MOP Requirements.
    • Email Marie Sidney or call 858-534-0097 to make an appointment.
    • Discuss the MOP Criteria for UC San Diego and UC MOP Program Criteria and Lending Terms.
    • Discuss the MOP Calculator to determine minimum requirements for a loan scenario.
    • The campus Home Loan Coordinator will transmit eligibility to the UC Office of Loan Programs.
  • A LOAN PRE-APPROVAL application is required to use MOP. It takes approximately 5-7 Business Days after a complete loan application is submitted to the UC Home Loan Office to obtain an official loan pre-approval. Loan pre-approval is required before entering into a contract.
  • APPLY for a MOP Loan Pre-Approval.
Please note the UC Home Loan Office and UC San Diego is closed for UC holidays and closures: Dec 24 through Jan 1. Thank you.

UC and UC San Diego MOP Criteria will be provided by the Home Loan Coordinator

  • Email Marie Sidney or call 858-534-0097 to make an appointment.

UC Mortgage Origination Program (MOP) Overview, Brochures, Resources and Weblinks    

The MOP Program is dependent upon the availability of funds and that borrowers meet all program criteria. Program and eligibility requirements are subject to change without notice at the University's sole discretion.