Diversity & Equal Employment Opportunity /
Affirmative Action (EEO/AA)

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Diversity Award Program The annual Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action and Diversity Awards Program honors staff, faculty, students, departments, and organizational units or groups that make outstanding contributions in the areas of equal opportunity, affirmative action, diversity, and the UCSD Principles of Community during the year.

Staff Affirmative Action Workforce Reports (requires single sign-on)

2013 - 2014 UC San Diego Staff Affirmative Action Plan

2005 Academic Affairs Staff Diversity Plan (pdf)

Reaffirmation of UCSD EEO/AA Policy (Campus Notice - 5/3/04)

Federal Regulation Reminder - EOE Tagline for Recruitment Advertising

UCSD Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Best Practices: Recruitment, Staff Development and EEO/AA/Diversity Awareness

How to Find Out if a UCSD Staff Job Title is Underutilized - lookup application to identify titles that are underrepresented in Academic Affairs for women and/or people of color

UCSD Job Groups - a job group is a set of job titles that share similar job duties, similar compensation, and similar opportunities for advancement. All staff payroll titles used at UCSD have been placed in one of 28 job groups.

Sample Interview Questions for Manager Recruitments

Diversity Language for MSO Job Cards (pdf)

Religion in the Workplace (pdf) Presentation by UC San Diego Human Resources

EEO/AA & Diversity Award Recipients

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Diversity Focus Groups (Fall 2005)
Over the years it has been suggested that the environment in the academic units is less welcoming to people of color than the environment in other areas, such as administrative departments. To explore this issue, SVC sponsored a project to facilitate group conversations with a selection of staff from our units.