Curriculum and Unit Requirements

Email Message to the Council for Undergraduate Education (November 1, 2013)
cc: General Campus Department Chairs and Academic Business Officers

Dear Colleagues,

Subject: Study of Curriculum and Unit Requirements for Undergraduates

As you know, UC San Diego is undergoing a study of curriculum and unit requirements for undergraduates . All departments, undergraduate programs, and colleges have been asked to re-examine unit requirements for general education, lower- and upper-division requirements for majors, and prerequisites and course content, to streamline unit requirements, ultimately allowing students to graduate in a timely manner.

Faculty in departments, undergraduate programs, and colleges have been asked to begin this process. I would like to meet with faculty, education committees, or attend faculty meetings, if it would be helpful to discuss possible approaches and best practices for curricular review. In order to be sure that you have all the information you need, and that we hear of any concerns or roadblocks you face, we would appreciate receiving by December 13, 2013 a brief update describing your plans and progress.

Thanks in advance.

Barbara A. Sawrey
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and
Dean of Undergraduate Education



Council on Undergraduate Education