Nominations due by Thursday, November 16, 2017

Summer 2018 Nomination Form

Nominations should be filled out by departments/programs and are invited to nominate as many advanced graduate students they feel qualify. Submit a separate form for each nomination.

Please start here to submit your nomination on-line. Nominations and all requested documents are due by Thursday, November 16, 2017. After the nomination form is submitted, an email confirmation will be sent to the Department Chair, Faculty Mentor and Department Contact as entered below, one of whom should respond as follows:

Please reply to the confirmation email and attach a single PDF containing documents listed below. Feel free to contact Marina Hayden ( if you have any questions on the submission of your documents. The requested support documents are:

  1. Nomination memo - The Department Chair/Program Director is required to provide the nomination memo. Please address:
    • the qualifications of the nominee
    • programmatic needs for the course
    • an explanation of ways in which offering this course in summer would reduce pressure on course offerings during the academic year
    • likelihood the course will reach the projected enrollment (include previous student enrollment and any other consideratons, such as increases in a major that requires the course)
  2. Statement from the Faculty Mentor - The Faculty mentor should address his/her role in guiding the teaching scholar throughout the duration of the course, including a schedule of contacts, as a mentor. Mentors must be Academic Senate members and in residence in San Diego during the course.
  3. Nominee's Teaching Assistant (TA) or Teaching Evaluations - Summarized student evaluations (up to 3-4 pages) conducted by previous course instructors or students are required.
  4. Nominee's current CV, resume or bibliography, and a brief statement of interest - please limit to 1-2 pages if feasible.

For detailed information on the program see the SGTS Program homepage.

Please review the information being requested on this form before you begin, since there are no provisions for saving the information and returning to it later.

Department or Program:
Division (ie, Social Sciences, A&H):
Department Chair/Program Director:
Faculty Mentor:
Department Contact/Graduate or Undergraduate Student Affairs Advisor:

Name of Graduate Student Nominee:
Date Advanced to Candidacy: (e.g., mm/dd/yyyy)
Nominee plans to register:
Projected Date for Graduation (Ph.D): (e.g., mm/dd/yyyy)
Has nominee completed the CET workshop, Teaching + Learning at the College Level?
If no, please read #7 under the "Teaching Scholar – Eligibility Criteria".
Has nominee served as a Teaching Assistant(TA)?
If no, please read #2 under the "Teaching Scholar – Eligibility Criteria".
Has nominee served as an Associate-in-Teaching?(Students need to be Associate-Ins for the first time)
List all Teaching Assistant Experience (by courses, quarter/year taught and specify title):
Proposed Summer Session Course Number:
Proposed Summer Session Course Title:
Course to be offered during: Summer Session I
(7/2/18 - 8/4/18)
Summer Session II
(8/6/18 - 9/8/18)
Indicate the quarter and academic year the course was last taught and the course enrollment:
Indicate the year when the course was last taught during Summer Session and the course enrollment:
Projected Summer 2018 Enrollment (Summer Session requires a minimum course enrollment of 10 - unfortunately, courses that do not reach the minimum will be cancelled).