Undergraduate Academic Advising Council (UAAC)


Agenda Committee

Contact: uaac-agenda-l@ucsd.edu

In coordination with the AVCDUE, the Agenda Committee is responsible for the planning and development of agenda items for UAAC monthly meetings and for the electronic distribution of meeting agendas. The committee meets regularly as needed throughout the academic year.  Five members serve staggered three-year terms.

2016-17 Members
Daniel Carrillo AIP Chair
Gloria Aquino Roosevelt College
Sandra de Sousa MAE
Cindy Hsu Muir College
Michael Stromayer Career Services

Committee on Committees

Contact: uaac-coc-l@ucsd.edu or uaac-roster-l@ucsd.edu

The Committee on Committees is responsible for the annual call of UAAC committee assignments, which typically occurs in the Spring.  It is the responsibility of the Committee on Committees to ensure that every UAAC Committee has as broad a representation from diverse units.  The committee also solicits nominations to appoint UAAC members to existing campus committees, and maintains the uaac-l listserv and website member listing.  Four members serve staggered three-year terms.

2016-17 Members
Jessica Greenlaw Visual Arts Co-chair & Roster Rep
Kristian Austin Marshall College Co-chair
Ivonne Avila Roosevelt College
Josh Miller Public Health

Electronic Information Committee

Contact: uaac-eic-l@ucsd.edu

Under the oversight of the AVCDUE, the Electronic Information Committee is charged with evaluating and contributing to the development and dissemination of current and future information related to student academic advising. The Committee will make recommendations to key systems owners (e.g., TritonLink, DARS, VAC, etc.), and various websites with the goal of ensuring that students have access to accurate, consistent, easily navigable information across all sources. The committee will determine their own meeting schedule and may include ex officio members as needed for various initiatives. Seven members serve staggered three-year terms.

2016-17 Members
Brittany Wright Global Health & LAS Co-chair
Dina Rodgers Psychology Co-chair
Franklin Cuevas Admissions
Brittany Oka Warren College
Kory Riddle Registrar
Alyssa Simons Literature
Ryan Rose ATS

Training and Professional Development Committee

Contact: uaac-tpd-l@ucsd.edu

In coordination with the AVCDUE, the Training and Professional Development committee is responsible for researching, evaluating, and advertising currently available training and professional development opportunities to UAAC members, as well as recommending and assisting in the development of future training initiatives. The committee meets regularly throughout the academic year and may include ex officio members as needed. Seven members serve staggered three-year terms.

2016-17 Members
Christine Liou Biological Sciences Co-chair
Roxanne Farkas
Alumni Co-chair
Cathy Baez Muir College
Amado Berrios Roosevelt College
Daniela Blair
Warren College
Mya Hines African American Studies Minor
Sandra Telles NanoEngineering

Advising Handbook Subcommittee

The UAAC Advising Handbook Subcommittee is responsible for updating and maintaining the Academic Advising Handbook for all College and Department/Program advisors on Confluence as well as suggesting best practices across units regarding College and Department/Program procedures. The committee is required to communicate with both T&PD and EIC at least once a year regarding any updates (training or electronic) that need to be made to the Advising Handbook.  Six members serve staggered three-year terms.

2016-17 Members
Renee Lee Summer Session Co-chair
Elisa Suter Psychology Co-chair
Veronica Abreu
Sally Hargate History
Frank Lin Sixth College
Tricia Schueler International Center