Faculty Career Development Program (FCDP)

The Office of Academic Recruitment Services (OARS) is responsible for implementing the Faculty Career Development Program (FCDP), which provides support to current UC San Diego junior faculty to enhance their chances for advancement to the level of Associate Professor (tenured) level. The FCDP recognizes and rewards individuals who have promoted diversity and equal opportunity along with their academic ventures.

The call for proposals is distributed annually in the winter. Awards are announced in the spring and implemented in the following academic year. Reports on how award funds were used are required from each awardee at the end of the academic year.

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 FCDP Awardees!

  • Jennifer Chang, Theatre and Dance
  • Wendy Matsumura, History
  • Stanley Lo, Cell & Developmental Biology
  • Isabel Trevino, Economics 
  • Matthew Vitz, History
  • Marta Serra Garcia, Rady School of Management
  • Kerry McKenzie, Philosophy

Eligibility and Description

The FCDP is open to all Assistant Professors with Academic Senate membership (Ladder-Rank, In Residence, LPSOE, and Clinical X series), without regard to race, religion, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin. The program also recognizes and rewards individuals who have promoted diversity and equal opportunity. An applicant must have been employed in one of the named series for at least one year by the application deadline and must be at the rank of Assistant Professor at the time the award is utilized

Application & Selection Criteria

Five factors are considered in the selection process. Proposals will be carefully evaluated for their significance in regard to one or more of the following:

  1. The merit of the proposal.
  2. The applicant's efforts to diversify the campus, including public service contributions that promote diversity and equal opportunity, student mentoring, curriculum development, research in areas relating to diversity (race, ethnicity, gender, multiculturalism, etc.), or other efforts the applicant may enumerate. (The Academic Personnel Manual, Section 210, item 1.d, states that faculty contributions that promote diversity and equal opportunity should be encouraged and given recognition.
  3.  The expected impact of an award on the applicant's research program or creative activities and its potential to enhance his or her chances for advancement to the Associate level.
  4. The obstacles that have hindered research or creative activities, including but not limited to lack of or inadequacy of available external funding, etc.
  5. The receipt of any previous FCDP award (preference is given to first-time awardees).

The applicant completes the FCDP Application Form and sends it to the department chair along with his or her UC San Diego Academic Biography and Bibliography form before the deadline.

The department chair completes the Department Chair's Evaluation form by the deadline.

Completed proposals will be reviewed by the Academic Senate Committee on Diversity and Equity, and recommendations will be submitted to the EVCAA. Applicants will be notified of the results before the award year.


Awards and Reporting

FCDP awards are in the form of reimbursements to departments for substitute instructors, and the amounts are based on a rate established by the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Applicants may request funding for release from the teaching of one to two courses in order to allow them time to concentrate their efforts on research or creative activities. The course relief rate to be applied in AY 2018-2019 is $8,000 per course (for a maximum of $16,000 for two courses). Applicants in the Health Sciences may request release time from clinical duties, and the amount of funding will be comparable to that for course relief on the General Campus, up to a maximum of $16,000.The program may also provide support for supplies and equipment, salary for an assistant, summer research, travel expenses related to a project, etc. *The awards are subject to availability of funds.*

An FCDP award that provides teaching relief does not relieve the awardee of other department responsibilities and university service. The FCDP is an in-residence program, and the award of an FCDP grant does not confer a leave of absence. Applicants are advised to obtain approval from their department chairs and deans for absences due to FCDP-related research conducted away from campus

AN AWARD CARRIES WITH IT THE AWARDEE'S RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVIDE A REPORT ON THE USE OF THE FUNDS. The report must detail how funds were expended and how the award assisted the recipient in achieving the goals set forth in the proposal (such as obtaining grant funding, completing research, and/or publication of research). Please submit the report online at Final Report

The awardee:
1.    is responsible for administration of the award;
2.    is personally responsible for any overdrafts; and
3.    must return funds not spent by June 30, 2019
Any equipment purchased with a Faculty Career Development Program award becomes the property of the University upon acquisition and reverts to the University upon completion of the project for which the funds were awarded. All expenditures are subject to applicable University regulations.
Awards must be used during the assigned academic year.

CONTACT: Jennifer Park, Office of Academic Recruitment Services, at Ext. 25862 or oars@ucsd.edu
                    Carla Solomon, Office of Academic Recruitment Services, at Ext, 43623 or oars@ucsd.edu.  

FORMS: Use the Chrome Browser or Internet Explorer and your UCSD Google Account.

link to electronic form for FCDP Application  

link to electronic form for FCDP Department Chair Evaluation

PDF versions of the application and evalution are available for reference only.

link to electronic form for Final Report