Developing the Advertisement Text

A carefully drafted advertisement is critical for a broad and inclusive search and must meet compliance standards for Federal, State, and UC San Diego specific requirements. The comprehensive outlines below will help each department be thorough in their search while meeting these standards.

General Guidelines

  • Include language that expresses an interest in candidates who will advance our commitment to diversity.
  • Draft the announcement as broadly as possible to attract the largest available pool of potential applicants.
  • Advertise in venues that reach women and underrepresented minorities, such as special subgroups of professional organizations or focused conferences.
  • Include the department Internet address in the job announcement.

Whenever possible, define the discipline of the search broadly, to obtain the largest applicant pool and to enable the department to consider exceptional applicants from unexpected sub-disciplines.

i.e. The department is seeking to fill a faculty position in mathematics, with a strong preference for those in the fields of combinatorics and complex variables, but exceptional candidates in other areas will be considered.

Recruitments for tenured and non-tenured positions must be set up as separate searches on APOL-Recruit to meet compliance regulations. For example, a recruitment for an “Assistant, Associate or Full Professor” would have one Search Plan for the the tenured titles "Ladder Rank Associate or Full Professor" and a separate Search Plan for the non-tenured titles which can include "Assistant Professor, Ladder Rank, Clinical, Adjunct or In-Residence".  For more information on tenured vs. non-tenured titles, click here.

Advertisements for these recruitments can be a single ad with two URLs, one pointing to the tenured position and another pointing to the non-tenured position; this is referred to as a "joint ad."

Required Components for Faculty Recruitments

Divisions and departments are encouraged to develop standard ad text with these components before submitting Search Plans to OARS. If a division or department wishes to develop standard ad text language in advance, they must collaborate with the division's Faculty Equity Advisor and the ad language must be approved and submitted to OARS by the Dean. Search Plans must include the ad text, and OARS will verify the ad text uses the language pre-approved by the dean. The ad text will be reviewed by OARS for these required components. If required components are missing Search Plans will be returned to the department to be corrected.  Examples are provided to assist departments in preparing advertisements.

1. Hiring Department name

Example: History, Ethnic Studies, etc.

2. Academic Job Title

Example: Assistant Professor, Associate Clinical Professor, Academic Coordinator, etc. 

3. Discipline or area of interest

Example: Gender Studies, Hematology/Oncology, etc. 

4. Opening or prominently placed sentence stating a commitment to diversity

Example:  “The Department of (name) within the Division of (or, School of) [name] at UC San Diego is committed to academic excellence and diversity within the faculty, staff, and student body.”

5. Job duties or Position description: Description of the position, job responsibilities and the performance-based work to be done.  Add details and benefits that will attract an applicant to UCSD. Include the departmental website address within the ad text.

Example: “The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry ( within the Division of Physical Sciences at UC San Diego invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position in XXXXX for research in the field of XXXXX, teaching graduate students, and mentoring PhD students.”

Example:  “XX% Teaching:  Teaching activities include classroom instruction, directing projects, assisting with student research and internships.  Classroom instruction for undergraduate and/or graduate lecture/seminar courses [in the field of XXXXX] [or specify which courses and the general content].  Faculty mentor and advise students on their development, including choices relating to academic program, research projects and career directions. Participate in the development/design and revision of curriculum offered.”

Example:  “XX% Research/Scholarly Work:  Pursue scholarly research and publication, and/or professional practice in the area of teaching emphasis. [Full Professors maintain a program of research/scholarly work characterized by distinction as evidenced by national and international recognition, significant contributions to the field.]  Publish and disseminate results of research/scholarly in peer-reviewed journals, and/or present at conferences or symposiums.” Example:  “XX% Service:  Participate actively as a member of the university community: on administrative committees, search committees, in university governance activities, and student advising.”

Example:  “For full position description, go to OR .”

6. Job Qualifications, Position Qualifications: An explicit, non-comparative, and verifiable statement of the “Required Qualifications” and/or “Preferred Qualifications” with descriptions of the knowledge, skills, and abilities for the position. Example:  “Applicants must have a Ph.D in Mathematics, 2-5 years of academic teaching, research and mentoring experience.” Example: “Ph.D. in Mathematics or expect to complete Ph.D. prior to start of the appointment is required.”

7. In addition to whatever criteria are listed for the position, Contributions to Diversity must be included as a required or preferred qualification for all searches

For searches where Contributions to Diversity is a primary criterion in selection, it must be included as a required qualification. Required Qualification Examples:

“Required Qualification: strong demonstrated accomplishments in areas contributing to diversity, equity and inclusion, and a desire to play a leadership role in advancing UC San Diego’s commitment to achieving excellence and diversity.”

“Strong research accomplishments and prior leadership in or concrete plans to contribute to advancing equity and inclusion is required. We especially welcome candidates who have created or contributed to programs that aim to increase the access and success of underrepresented minority or women students in [name].” 

Preferred Qualification Examples:

“Preferred Qualification: experience or a willingness to participate in teaching, mentoring, research or service towards building an equitable and diverse scholarly environment.”

“Candidate with demonstrated strong leadership or a commitment to support diversity, equity, and inclusion in an academic setting are preferred.” 

8. Salary Statement

Example: “Salary is commensurate with qualifications and based on University of California pay scales.”

9. Application Deadline;   Application deadline date is at least three weeks from the last advertisement posting date.

Example: “Review of applications will commence on September 20, 2016 and continue until the position is filled.” Example: “Applications must be received by September 20, 2016.”  

10. Application Materials  A detailed description of all required materials needed for a complete application, including a separate statement describing past and/or potential contributions to diversity, equity and inclusion. List of application materials automatically formatted on Recruit.  

11. Application Instructions

Example: "Applications must be submitted to the UCSD on-line application collection system, AP-On-Line Recruit, at: ."

12. Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer statement must appear in external recruitment advertisements

Example: “UCSD is an equal opportunity / affirmative action employer with a strong institutional commitment to excellence and diversity (”

Example: “UCSD is an AA/EOE/M/F/D/V” or “EOE/AA/M/F/VET/DISABILITY” (abbreviated for cost)

Optional Faculty Advertisement Components

  • Web address
    • Showcase the academic excellence of the unit
    • include the unit's Web address in the opening sentence
      • "The Department of X, University of California, San Diego, (Web address) is recruiting to fill a faculty position."
  • References
    • If a recruitment was created requiring Reference Info only, the applicant is complete after they enter the reference's contact info.
      • The analyst can still request letters of reference, but there is no tool in Recruit to allow applicants to trigger an email request if only Reference Info was required. 
    • If a recruitment was created requiring Letters of Reference, the applicant is completed after they have requested the letter from their reference.
      • The letter does not need to be uploaded in order to call the applicant completed. 
      • The applicant will still need to click the button on their application or applicant dashboard to trigger the letter request.
    • Please see page 45 of the Recruit User Manual for more complete info.
  • Recruitments for temporary/part time positions
    • Give the department the flexibility it may need to meet unexpected circumstances and avoids the need to re-recruit for the position if it becomes full time/long term.
    • If the search is for part time and/or temporary faculty, e.g., lecturers, include specifying language
      • i.e. "The appointment may vary from part time to full time, with the possibility of extension in accordance with department needs."