Conducting Outreach and Announcing the Position

Once the dean has approved the Search Plan, the department staff and the search committee may begin to implement the planned outreach and advertising efforts. Changes to the proposed outreach/advertising plan should be approved by the Office of Academic Diversity and Equal Opportunity.

Departmental Outreach

Department staff should submit the job notice to all advertisement sources listed in the Search Planand notify OADEO if a complication arises in meeting this plan.

Retain proof of all advertisement efforts in the form of:

  • Photo copies of ads posted in journals (showing the name and date of the journal)
  • Copies of ads posted on Web sites (showing the Web address)
  • Copies of e-mails sent to colleagues, etc.

Upload all of these to their respective APOL-Recruit profiles under the Ad Evidences Dection in the form of PDF files. Invoices of the ad must not be uploaded, only tearsheets and emails that explicitly announce the position with the run-dates of the ad will be acccepted.

Ad evidence for HERC and Diverse Education will be uploaded by ADEO per recruitment.

This documentation will later be submitted as part of the Shortlist Report to verify that the proposed advertising plan was actually implemented. This documentation is critical should the recruitment undergo an audit.

Best Practices

  1. Review journals and websites immediately to confirm that the job notice has been properly posted.
  2. Ensure that search committees document outreach efforts
    1. committee members should cc: key department support staff on e-mails to solicit applicants
  3. Make PDF scans of print publications in which the job was advertised and upload to the recruitment profile
  4. Upload ad evidence to the recruitment as soon as you can. Instructions are located here:
A new UC San Diego Recruitment Plan for Academic Personnel must be submitted and approved and a new advertisement must be posted if a position is not filled within one calendar year following the application deadline (or "begin review of applications" date) stated in the ad. This is to improve the chances that new applicants in the job pool become aware of job opportunities at UC San Diego.