Appoint a Search Committee and Establish Evaluation Criteria

All individuals involved in the Search Committee and Selection process (Committee Chairs, Reviewers, Additional Chairs, Additional Reiewers etc.) should read the 2015-2016 Search Committee Manual published by OADEO

Guidelines for appointing a search committee include:

  1. Appoint faculty who bring a variety of perspectives, personal experiences, values, and world-views that arise from differences of culture and circumstance
  2. Appoint a search committee that represents a diverse cross section of the faculty. Look beyond your own department to avoid overworking members of less represented groups.
  3. Appoint faculty who are committed to diversity and excellence
  4. Ensure that underrepresented groups have equal opportunity to serve on search committees

In preparation for the review of applications, the search committee should:

  1. Attend the EVCAA orientation sessions for department chairs that include guidance on administering searches.
  2. Attend the AVC-EDI orientation sessions for search committee members that include guidance on administering searches.
  3. Establish basic qualifications that are non-comparative, objective, and relevant that will be used to identify the applicant pool
  4. Establish criteria by which each applicant will be uniformly reviewed and evaluated for appropriate skills and qualifications. 
  5. Establish the process by which the committee will move from the initial stage of reviewing applications to the stage of proposing candidates for campus visits

Important note: The department may not publicly post the proposed job announcement until after the dean has electronically approved the Recruitment Plan.