Submit the Search Plan for approval

What is a Search Plan?

The Search Plan is a recruitment plan that is submitted on Recruit.  The Search Plan administration is conducted by department staff. It identifies:

  1. The position to be recruited and discipline of the position
  2. The proposed outreach effort to be implemented to develop a large, well-qualified, and diverse pool of applicants
  3. The proposed members of the search committee
  4. The proposed job notice that will be published to advertise the open position

Submitting the Search Plan and approval process

  1. The department staff begins the recruitment process by completing the Search Plan on AP Online Recruit (Recruit).  To access Recruit you must have Single Sign-On (SSO) access, UC San Diego’s authentication system for the campus community. If unable to login, contact the department MSO/DBO to assign access.
  1. There are several elements in setting up a Search Plan, and each step is identified by section tabs on the Recruit platform (see Create a Recruitment Plan):
    1. Details  Basic recruitment information the general details are defined: Position Name, Application Submission Dates, Title Code(s), etc. Hiring Unit(s) - Division, Department, Program Center name, etc.
      1. Separate tenured title recruitments for accurate availability data and reporting. Multiple tenured title codes may be listed together. Multiple Tenure-track and other academic titles may be listed together. For the full list of academic titles go to:
    2. Ad Text - Approved Academic Title, position description that will be published to advertise the open position, salary, close date, application instructions, and discipline/area of interest.
    3. Diversity provides the specialties and benchmark data and applicant pool diversity.
    4. Advertisements   - includes publications, Web sites, listservs, committees, colleagues, and faculty outreach, etc.  Files - Notices, flyers, letters, etc. used to recruit at events, or alternate ad texts to be used in postings  For additional information go to Advertising/Outreach
    5. Qualifications the qualifications required of all applicants, reflected in the wording in all advertisements for the recruitment. Qualifications must be non-comparative, objective, relevant and verifiable.
    6. Selection Process document the job related criteria and the committee’s plan for the selection of candidates
    7. Committee  proposed members of the Search Committee should be a minimum of three.
  2. The department staff completes the Search Plan and Submit plan for endorsement and approval.  All required approvers must review and approve in sequential order.  See The Approver's tasks  The system-assigned workflow sequence typically is as follows:
    1. Unit Head
    2. ADEO review
    3. Finance
    4. ADEO endorsement
    5. Deans office
    6. Dean
  3. The dean takes action:
    1. The dean reviews the plan and may consult with the FEA.
    2. The dean may direct questions/suggestions for modification to the department.
    3. The dean will electronically approve/ not approve the plan.
  4. Dean Approves- department staff can now Publish the recruitment.