Shortlist Report

This page details the steps leading up to the submission of the Shortlist Report on APOL-Recruit.

  1. Disposition Applicants into the Meets Basic Qualifications Pool or the Does Not Meet Basic Qualifcations Pool (CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO)
    1. All applicants with incomplete applications will remain in the Unknown Pool. Your search committee should not consider them for a position.
      1. APOL-Recruit Help Desk: Applicant Management
    2. Enter in the reason why candidates in the Does Not Meet Basic Qualifications pool did not meet the qualifications by selecting from the dropdown list.
    3. Enter in the reason why candidates in the Meets Basic Qualifications pool did not get selected for an Interview.
    4. Change the status of each applicant whom the search committee feels should be Seriously Considered.
    5. Change the status of each applicant whom the search committee feels should be Recommended for an Interview.
    6. Never select a status of Proposed, Offered, Accepted, Declined, or Hired for an applicant at this stage.
  2. Actual Search & Recruitment Efforts This should be filled in with the advertising sources you used for the recruitment before the submission of a Shortlist Report. You will need to
    1. explain any differences between Planned and Actual.Ad Sources
    2. One at a time, copy and paste your Actual Search & Recruitment Efforts into this field.
    3. Upload all outreach documentation proposed in the Search Plan, including photocopies of all job notices posted, screen shots from online sources, copies of e-mails sent to colleagues and departments, a list of the colleagues and/or departments e-mails were sent to, copy of the e-mail sent to all listservs, and any other source materials you have. Invoices should not be uploaded as they do not show the ad text on them.
  3. Create this report directly after the search committee has convened and selected candidates that they wish to Seriously Consider and/or Recommend for an Interview.
    1. Shortlist Report Video Training
    2. APOL-Recruit Help Desk: Applicant Status Management
  4. Those who are designated as shortlist report approvers will have access to all information on this report.

The approvers consist of:

    1. Department Chair
    2. Faculty Equity Advisor
    3. ADEO
    4. Divisional Dean
    5. While department analysts create the recruitment's shortlist diversity report and submit it for approvals campus Equity Advisors may also create shortlist reports for their own use. The Shortlist should be generated and submitted before any applicants are invited for an interview, but always after your initial review date or closing date has been reached, so that your Faculty Equity Advisor, ADEO, and your Dean’s Office can review your pool and request changes (if needed) before your recruitment moves forward to the point where an unintended oversight might lead to the cancellation of the recruitment.

After the report has completed the approval chain and all approvals are marked, the Analyst will receive an e-mail from Recruit notifying her/him that the Shortlist Report has been approved. Once approved, candidates may be invited for interviews.