Report of the Task Force on Gender Equity (March 2002)

In March 2001, a Task Force was convened to conduct a study of gender equity among UCSD ladder rank faculty (LRF). The Task Force was asked to examine and analyze data relating to salary compensation, recruitment, and retention. The Task Force report is available below.

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A1 Workforce:  Gender Distribution of Ladder Rank Faculty by Campus Division 11/1/1995 through 10/31/2000
A2 Ladder Rank Faculty Gender Distributions of New Appointments for the Period Prior to 1996 (1992-1995) and After 1996 (1996-1999) by Campus Division
A3 Campus Ladder Rank Faculty Appointments by Rank and Gender for the Period 7/1/1995 through 6/30/2001
A4 Availability:  Ladder Rank Faculty by Campus Division as of 11/1/1998
A5 Applicant Pools:  Ladder Rank Faculty by Campus Division 11/1/1995 through 10/31/2000
A6 Appointments:  Ladder Rank Faculty by Campus Division 11/1/1995 through 10/31/2000
A7 UC-Wide Hiring and Availability Data from Chancellor M. Greenwood's Testimony to the State Select Committee on Government Oversight, January 31, 2001
A8 Salary Regression Source Data
A9 Regression on Base Salary (9-month or equivalent)
A10 Entire Appendix A10, Tables A, B, and C
  Tables A and B
  Table A: Gender Coefficient Summary of Base Salary Regression Results
  Table B: Gender Coefficient Summary of Total Annual Compensation Regression Results
  Table C: Gender Coefficient Summary of Starting Salary Regression Results
A11 Sources of Additional Compensation by Division and Gender for General Campus and SIO, 1997-1998, 1998-1999, 1999-2000 (entire Appendix A11, Tables 1, 2, 3, and 4)
  Table 1: Total Number of Ladder Rank Faculty
  Table 2: Number and Percent of Total Faculty Who Received Additional Compensation by Gender and Overall
  Table 3: Percent of Additional Compensation Dollars by Source and Gender
  Table 4: Average Dollars per Faculty Who Received Additional Compensation by Division, Gender, and Source
A12 Ladder Rank Academic Review Files Advancement Outcomes for Files Effective 7/1/1997, 7/1/1998, 7/1/1999
A13 Influence of Major, Prestigious Awards on Faculty Total Wage
A14 General Campus Average Start-up Summary for Appointments Effective 7/1/1997 through 6/30/2001
A15 Division of Biology and Physical Sciences Space Allocation (average square feet) by Gender and Rank
A16.a     Senate Committee Service Data:  Total Senate Membership
A16.b Senate Committee Service Data:  Invitations to Serve
A16.c Senate Committee Service Data:  Accepted Invitations
A16.d Senate Committee Service Data:  Rate of Acceptance
A16.e Senate Committee Service Data:  Invitations by Committee Type
A17 2001-2002 Department Chairs and Program and Project Directors by Gender and SubCampus
A18 Separations:  Ladder Rank Faculty by Campus division 11/1/1995 through 10/31/2001
A19 Interview Questions
A20 Childbearing and Parental Leaves and Active Service/Modified Duties (AS/MD) Ladder Rank Faculty for Academic Years 1996-1997 through 2000-2001