How APS Serves UCSD

Most people are aware that Academic Personnel Services processes hundreds of appointment and review files every year, but this office also serves the campus in many other important ways. Some of these are briefly described below.

Coordinating appointments and annual academic reviews

APS coordinates the appointment and review process for files for which the Senior Vice Chancellor has final authority, and those requiring campus-level review (review by the Committee on Academic Personnel, campus ad hoc committees, the Project Scientist and Specialist Review Panel, the Academic Administrator and Coordinator Review Panel, the college provosts, and the Dean of Graduate Studies). In addition, APS is responsible for post-auditing and maintaining academic review files for which the deans have final authority.

Coordinating the EVC approval process for other academic personnel actions

APS coordinates the EVC approval process for requests for leaves and sabbaticals, family accommodations, Conflict of Commitment pre-approvals, additional compensation, and other actions.

Developing technological solutions to improve academic personnel processes

APS is currently developing AP On-Line, a system that will ultimately allow all academic personnel processes, from recruitments to leave requests, to be managed electronically. In developing this system, APS’ goal is to improve both the efficiency and transparency of all academic personnel processes at UCSD.

Overseeing the Academic Personnel Affirmative Action Program

APS implements this program to help ensure equal opportunity in employment for academic employees. In addition to carefully monitoring recruitments, APS collects data on employment actions for quantitative analysis, sets hiring placement goals, identifies problem areas, and helps to implement action-oriented steps that address areas of concern, ensure equity in employment, and enhance the diversity of the academic community.

Providing training and development programs

APS provides training and development for staff and participates in development of programs related to academic personnel for faculty and faculty administrators.

Providing leadership and advice to campus constituents

The APS units provide consultation and advice and policy interpretation to campus constituents on all aspects of the academic personnel program.

Developing new academic personnel policies and programs

APS manages the development, revision, analysis and implementation of UCSD’s academic personnel policies and procedures to carry out the vision of the University’s academic leadership, and manages the consultation process for systemwide academic personnel policy reviews.

Assisting departments in managing academic employee relations issues

APS advises and consults with faculty and academic administrators on academic employee relations matters, including advising departments regarding faculty discipline, collaborating with administrators to manage cases, and facilitating mediation and negotiations.

Managing academic compensation

APS manages compensation and payroll processes for academic employees at UCSD, including implementation of local and systemwide salary programs (e.g., range adjustments), faculty administrator compensation, additional compensation, and more.

Providing data to campus constituents

APS generates annual data reports for a number of offices and responds to numerous ad hoc data requests.

Providing dual-career services and local area resources

APS assists with employment searches for spouses or partners of current and prospective General Campus ladder-rank faculty and senior managers who hold academic appointments. Services include assessing employment needs, arranging job contacts and informational interviews, and serving as a resource for information regarding employment opportunities.

Serving as the campus liaison for academic collective bargaining

APS serves as the liaison with campus labor relations and the UC Office of the President for issues related to collective bargaining and contract administration for Unit 18 lecturers.

Serving as a liaison with the Office of the President and other UC campuses

APS serves as the liaison with the Office of the President’s systemwide academic personnel office and with other UC campuses in order to ensure that UCSD’s needs and concerns are addressed and to share best practices systemwide.

Serving as records proprietor and custodian

APS serves as the proprietor and custodian for many academic personnel records, including review files, leave and sabbatical requests, compensation and salary data, recruitment reports, and requests to waive the search process.

Academic Personnel Services