Classification Resources - Computer Professionals

Listed below are commonly used titles in Academic Affairs. If a link is provided in one of the boxes, clicking on it will take you to additional information that can be of assistance when classifying job cards. An empty box or no link indicates that there are currently no additional resources available for that title or that those resources are under development.

Title (Click for Series/Class Concepts) Title Code Unit / Grade Classified by Additional Resources
Computer Professionals
Computer Resource Specialist I - II 4805 - 4804 TX  Department Series Overview
Computer Res Specialist-Sup I - II 4803 - 4802 4 Department
Programmer/Analyst I 7278 CP1 Dept / Div
Programmer/Analyst II 7277 CP2 HR / PAAC
Programmer/Analyst III / Sup 7275 / 7374 CP3 HR / PAAC
Programmer/Analyst IV / Sup 0738 / 0737 A HR / CMSPAC
Programmer/Analyst V / Sup 0736 / 0735 B HR / CMSPAC
Computing Resource Manager I 7282 CP4 HR / PAAC
Computing Resource Manager II 0741 A HR / CMSPAC

Career Tracks IT Matrices

In the new Career Tracks system, the Information Technology family of work is organized into different job specialties (called “functions”) in matrix format.  Each matrix describes job responsibilities at different levels for non-represented positions.  The following provides more information about the IT function summaries and individual job speciality/function matrices.

Application Programming (Professional, Supervisory, Managerial)
Audio Visual Information Technology (Professional, Supervisory, Managerial)
Audio Visual Information Technology Engineering (Professional, Managerial)
Business Systems Analysis (Professional, Supervisory, Managerial)
Business Technical Support (Professional, Supervisory, Managerial)
Communications and Network Technology (Professional, Supervisory, Managerial)
Data Systems Management (Professional, Supervisory, Managerial)
Database Administration (Professional)
Information Systems (Professional, Supervisory, Managerial)
Information Technology Architecture (Professional, Managerial)
Information Technology Security (Professional, Supervisory, Managerial)
Production Control (Supervisory, Managerial)
Quality Assurance/Release Management (Professional, Supervisory, Managerial)
Systems/Infrastructure Administration (Professional, Supervisory, Managerial)
Systems Integration (Professional)
Technical Project Management (Professional, Supervisory, Managerial)
User Experience Design (Professional)

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