Above Midpoint Salary Requests:
Preparing Your Compensation Justification

If you would like to request an Above the Midpoint salary for the chosen candidate for your recruitment, this request will require approval from UCSD Compensation.

As you prepare your "Above Midpoint" salary request and justification, please be sure to include the following:

  1. Indicate the "Above Midpoint" salary amount requested.
  2. Provide the department’s justification for the salary request, addressing the following:
    • Salary History
      • Does the candidate’s salary history support the request? For example, was the candidate’s previous position similar to this current position (or did it have more/less responsibility)?
      • PLEASE NOTE: Salaries will not be "matched" if the previous position held was of a higher level of responsibility (Ex: You would not pay someone who is to be a "Programmer/Analyst II" to "match" their prior salary if they were previously employed as an "Operations Manager").
    • Salary Requirement
      • Review the candidate’s response to the "Minimum Salary Acceptable" section of the Supplemental Information Form. Does the candidate’s salary requirement coincide with your department’s salary request?
    • Qualifications/Experience of Top Candidate
      • Does the candidate’s qualifications and experience warrant the salary request? Is the experience relevant to the work to be performed?
      • Will there be a huge "learning curve" for this candidate?
    • Internal Equity
      • Will the proposed salary cause an internal inequity in the department?
      • If so, how does the department plan on either defending/justifying or resolving this inequity?
  3. Visit UCSD "Compensation Calculator" website:
    For your reference, please visit the UCSD "Compensation Calculator" website to better assess and illustrate the actual Total Compensation package (base and benefits) the candidate would receive upon accepting a career job offer at UCSD.
  4. Endorsement from Department Head and Business Office
    Be sure to obtain consensus and endorsement from your Department Head and Business Office for the "Above Midpoint" salary amount requested and their willingness to address potential equity issues in the department, resulting from the salary request. Finally, indicate the Department Head and Business Office’s endorsement on your written request. Please copy the Department Head and Business Office on the request.