Best Practices: Recruitment, Staff Development and EEO/AA/Diversity Awareness


  • To improve staff recruitment and retention strategies
  • To provide staff training and development opportunities
  • To increase promotional opportunities
  • To increase diversity in the workforce

Strategies for Supervisors and Human Resources Contacts

  • Compose a Recruitment Plan for each job opportunity
  • Develop effective marketing materials and strategies
  • Network on and off campus by attending key meetings and conferences
  • Make announcements at Department Chair and Academic Business Administrator (ABA) meetings
  • Communicate opportunities to key campus groups, such as the Staff Association and Alumni Association
  • Widely advertise using local, regional or national publications depending on your target pool
  • Send job announcement notices to other institutions, professional groups and targeted list-serves
  • Personally contact existing employees to inform them of job openings
  • Subscribe to professional organization newsletters and advertise in their publications
  • Form department search committees with diverse membership
  • Expand the search if the applicant pool is not sufficiently diverse
  • Showcase your department at community outreach fairs and special events
  • Make reminders to supervisors as part of performance appraisal process regarding responsibilities related to UCSD Standards

Develop Web Based Resources and Links

Referrals and Campus Resources