Forms & Reports


Administrative Stipend Approval Form (pdf)

Military Pay Supplement Worksheet (pdf)

CANRA Form (Word)

Performance Appraisal Models (include Standards for Effective Supervision - for managers and supervisors only)

Training Justification and Anticipated Cost Form (pdf)

UC Service Verification Form (pdf) (Attachment B)


2014-2015 Staff EO/AA Activity Report and Action Plan (January 2013)
Annual report outlining current and future efforts in affirmative action awareness and training, outreach and recruitment, and selection efforts in Academic Affairs. Previous years' reports: 2012-13, 2011-122010-11, 2009-10, 2008-09, 2007-08, 2006-07, 2005-06, 2004-05, 2003-04, 2002-03, 2001-02

2014 Staff@Work Survey Results

2013 Staff@Work Survey Results

2012 Staff@Work Survey Results

2011 Staff@Work Survey Results

2010 Staff@Work Survey Results

2009 Staff@Work Survey Results

2008 Staff@Work Survey Results

2007 Staff@Work Survey Results

2006 Staff@Work Survey Results

2005 Staff@Work Survey Results

2004 Staff@Work Survey - Results for the overall Academic Affairs VC area

2005 Academic Affairs Staff Diversity Plan (pdf) (June 2005)

Diversity Focus Groups (Fall 2005)
Over the years it has been suggested that the environment in the academic units is less welcoming to people of color than the environment in other areas, such as administrative departments. To explore this issue, SVC sponsored a project to facilitate group conversations with a selection of staff from our units.

UCSD Career Staff Workforce Trends (October 2003)
Summarizes career staff trends by gender, ethnicity and employment program by VC area

Staff Retention and Support Steering Committee (SRSSC) Report (January 2002) "Maintaining Staff Excellence: UCSD's key to Successful Growth" shapes long term agenda for change and staff related decision making and resource investment.

Faculty/Staff Partnership Task Force Report (December 1999) A partnership was formed in January 1999to identify and share campus best practices that foster positive communications and cooperation between faculty and staff.