Academic Business Administrators (ABA) Business Officer Handbook

As a complement to the ABA Mentorship Program and Business Officer Academy (BOA), the ABA-HR Committee has developed a handbook for business officers. This document is intended to give current and potential academic business officers at UCSD some basic information about the various functional areas for which they may be responsible. Since this is a handbook written by and for academic business officers, the goal is to provide, for each subject area, strategies for success as well as pitfalls to avoid. Think of it as a "virtual mentor."

The functional area chapters of the handbook include Internet links to more detailed information on policies and procedures. However, much of the information shared in the booklet has been gained through experience and may not exist on any web sites. Some of it may be historical background, resource formulas, policy rationale and policy in practice.

Links below will take you directly to the applicable section of the handbook