ABA Mentorship Program - Description

The ABA Mentorship Program pairs experienced UCSD managers from academic departments and units and central administration with newer business officers seeking to enhance their management skills, better understand the UCSD organizational culture and develop a network of resources on campus to assist them in their daily work. The program provides a framework whereby newer business officers can:

  • Gain experience and insight into new job functions
  • Take advantage of training and development opportunities
  • Enhance personal growth
  • Gather useful information
  • Cultivate contacts
  • Find peer support


The ABA Mentorship Program provides mentors and mentees a valuable mechanism in which to establish a relationship and a loose framework for the activities that interactions with professional colleagues might encompass. Commitment of the mentors and mentees is important in making this program work.


The program is targeted towards business officers in Academic Affairs who have been serving in their current positions for less than one year. Experienced business officers and managers have been invited to serve as mentors. Mentors should be willing to be an advisor, coach, or teacher and be willing to share their experiences with their assigned mentee.


To mentees…

  • Receive support and encouragement for professional development
  • Learn about organization cultures at UCSD
  • Expand understanding of how to get things done effectively and efficiently
  • Enhance skills and experience in current and for future positions
  • Create and augment a network of contacts and information channels
  • Gain an overview of the “big picture” of the university

To supervisors of mentee:

  • Realize increased employee motivation and self-confidence
  • Profit from employee’s exposure to other units and information sources
  • Gain staff with greater capabilities and enhanced skills

To mentors…

  • Orient mentees to academic business management principles
  • Support and develop new business officers
  • Communicate and role model effective management strategies 
  • Facilitate sharing of institutional knowledge


  • Gains empowered staff and well-trained managers at a time of decentralization where decision-making is forced downward
  • Fosters employees’ commitment to UCSD as an employer
  • Enhances informal mechanisms of communication throughout the campus
  • Supports and advances UCSD’s affirmative action goals for diversity at the managerial level
  • Passes on oral history, institutional memory and organizational culture of UCSD to the next generation of managers



  • New Academic Affairs Business Officer
  • Has supervisor approval and support
  • Demonstrated commitment to professional development and learning
  • Commitment to participate and complete mentorship program
  • Ability and willingness to attend meetings, classes, and other related activities (monthly meetings with mentor, ABA monthly meetings, UC BOI and UCSD BLF programs, relevant UCSD training/development courses, quarterly evaluation/feedback sessions)


  • Experienced Business Officers or Managers
  • Commitment to employee career development and to the goals of the mentorship program
  • Willingness to share accumulated knowledge and experience
  • Available to communicate regularly with mentee, and to serve as an advisor and resource
  • Commitment to provide guidance and support in accordance with the mentorship program guidelines
  • Ability and willingness to attend meetings and other related activities (monthly meetings with mentee, ABA monthly meetings, quarterly evaluation/feedback sessions)