Academic Affairs Online Performance Evaluation

Web Evaluation Process - Employee

The web evaluation process is generally quite similar to the paper based evaluation process. When using the online system, however, the approach one uses is somewhat more structured and is composed of the following steps.


Your first step in the process is to complete your self- appraisal, which consists of two sections: “Functions/Goals/Projects” and “Employee’s Accomplishments and Comments.” To edit these sections, click on the edit icon Edit icon in the left hand column next to the field you wish to edit. A window will open with a text box to enter and edit comments. Once you enter or edit text, click the SAVE or CANCEL button to close the window. Any time the SAVE button is clicked, the latest entries or edits are saved and the page is refreshed with the new information.

You may return and edit these sections as often as you wish, so long as you have not clicked the FINALIZE button at the bottom of the page. Once that button is clicked, the self-appraisal will be locked for editing, and can only be unlocked again by your HR contact. If you voluntarily choose not to complete a self-appraisal, leaving the fields blank and clicking the FINALIZE button confirms that you are intentionally doing so. An automatic email will be generated to your supervisor when your self-appraisal has been finalized. At that point he or she will have access to view your self-appraisal, but they will not be able to edit it.

If you inadvertently finalize your self-appraisal before it is complete, notify your HR Contact, who can unfinalize the self-appraisal to allow for additional editing. You will only be able to do this if your supervisor has not yet moved your evaluation to SHARED DRAFT mode.

Please note that if you type your comments in an outside program such as Microsoft Word and cut and paste it into a text box, you are likely lose some of your formatting, so you may wish to stay away from the use of bulleted or numbered lists, different font sizes, etc.


When your supervisor has completed your evaluation, you will be notified by email that it is available for review. You will now have access to view the evaluation (along with your self-appraisal) and add employee comments (optional), but not edit any other fields. Please note you will not have access to review your evaluation until your supervisor completes it AND you have finalized your self-appraisal (see 1 above).


You and your supervisor should meet to discuss your completed evaluation. While there may be some modifications made to the evaluation as a result of this meeting, it is generally expected that further changes will be minor. When you and your supervisor agree that the evaluation is complete, he or she will lock the evaluation so that no further changes can be made. The evaluation is now ready to be routed for signature.


If your department uses the electronic signature routing function, an electronic copy of your evaluation will be routed to be signed by you, your supervisor and department/division management, if required. If your department does not use electronic signature routing, a hard copy of the evaluation will be printed and routed for signature. The signed evaluation will be returned to your HR Contact. The original will be placed in your personnel file, and a copy will be provided to you.

Note: As of launch date – June 12, 2013 – the electronic signature routing function is not yet activated. Completed evaluations must be printed and hard copy routed for signature. Users will be notified when the electronic signature routing function is enabled.

Note: The table below identifies the actions which will generate notifications and the recipients of those notifications.



If the appraisal has been released and after the supervisor has been changed

New supervisor, old supervisor, employee

If the appraisal has been released and any of pre-populated appraisal data that the HR Contact approved and released is changed

Supervisor, employee

If the notify employees button has been pressed

All employees for that supervisor

After the employee self-appraisal has been finalized


After the supervisor has shared the appraisal


After the employee has submitted edited comments


After the appraisal has been finalized

Employee, HR Contact