Academic Affairs Online Performance Evaluation


The Academic Affairs On-line Performance Evaluation Tool automates the formal evaluation process and allows for on-line editing, review and approval of performance appraisals. The web evaluation process is generally quite similar to the paper based evaluation process. When using the online system, however, the approach one uses is somewhat more structured.

When first logging into the tool, employees are directed to the Employee Home page to complete and review their own evaluations. Supervisors and HR Contacts use the tabs at the top of the tool to navigate to pages with information tailored specifically to them. Supervisors access the evaluations for their employees via the Supervisor Tools tab. HR Contacts responsible for managing the evaluation process for one or more units do so from the HR Control Center, which is accessed via the HR Contact Tools tab. Detailed instructions on how to navigate and use the tool can be found in the web evaluation process overview for employees, supervisors and HR contacts - Updated July 2015.

The evaluation is a summary of performance feedback given throughout the evaluation period.  Supervisors evaluate employees’ performance according to the following standards: